MT-SmugMug allows you to quickly and easily integrate the power of SmugMug into your Movable Type-powered site.

Similar in function to the venerable MT-Outliner plugin, MT-SmugMug facilitates retrieving data by parsing XML feeds, which you are then able to include in your templates through the use of standard Movable Type template tags, allowing you to style the page however you may desire.

No longer will you have to feel like your site and your photos are in two different areas, on two completely different ends of the online world. Using MT-SmugMug, you can truly integrate them into one cohesive display, and bring these different worlds together for the first time.

In fact, while you may enjoy enabling access to your own photos through MT-SmugMug, you will find that many features of the service are accessible via RSS, and using the easy-to-learn template tags offered by MT-SmugMug will allow you to include all sorts of photos from the service: Photos by keyword, the most popular photos on the site, even photos from a particular gallery!

The most difficult part of using MT-SmugMug might be in figuring out when to stop - because MT-SmugMug also allows you to use Movable Type tags when building your photo templates, the options are almost limitless!



Download MT-SmugMug

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