• Updated to reflect change in Bloglines OPML.
  • Added plugin registration information.


  • Rewrite to parse XML and allow recursive folders.

I ran into a problem the other day where Newsgator's export of OPML data wouldn't parse through MT-Outliner. Not a problem for me, but definitely a problem for some. It turned out that the problem was in the data. While XML doesn't really need whitespace, it looks like most everyone includes it in their OPML files, separating each entry into a separate line by using a carriage return or line feed (or both).

Not Newsgator. Their OPML export was just one long string of text. This broke MT-Outliner, as it didn't have anything to break up the data. All that was happening in the plugin was that it split the data and ran some regular expressions to pull out the field info. This was limited, but it was also pretty easy to do. Once the split went away, it meant that there wasn't data where it was expected.


  • Fixed problem with files using both carriage returns and line feeds.

I ran into a problem with MT-Outliner's handling of OPML files that included both carriage returns and line feeds. Until recently, I had only seen one or the other. So I updated the processing and it seems to have corrected the problem. This specifically was coming from NetNewsWire when there were carriage returns in the descriptions. Please let me know if you're seeing any issues.

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