MT-Notifier Installation

  • These steps are for MT-Notifier version 5 only. For version 4.x, click here.
  • Download the MT-Notifier distribution archive.
  • Navigate to the Movable Type home directory.
  • Unpack the distribution archive, keeping the directory structure intact.
  • Your archive should contain these files:
    • MT_HOME/mt-static/plugins/Notifier/images/Notifier.gif
    • MT_HOME/mt-static/plugins/Notifier/images/Notifier.png
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/config-yaml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/mt-notifier-queue.cgi
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/mtplugin.pkg
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/Notifier.html
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/lib/Notifier/L10N/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/php/function.mtnotifiercatid.php
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_comment_notification_body.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_comment_notification_subject.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_confirmation_body.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_confirmation_subject.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_entry_notification_body.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_entry_notification_subject.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/templates/global/notifier_request.mtml
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/list_subscription.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/dialog/close.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/dialog/count.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/dialog/start.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/include/subscription_table.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/settings/blog.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/settings/system.tmpl
  • That's it - MT-Notifier is installed!
  • You don't need to do anything else unless you want to use the queue.
  • In that case, make sure that mt-notifier-queue.cgi is executable on your server.
  • Otherwise, just take a look at the settings and perhaps configure some subscriptions and confirmations.

If you are upgrading from a prior version of MT-Notifier, you should be absolutely sure to remove all prior versions. This is especially the case with version four, because changes to Movable Type mean that some pieces of MT-Notifier have changed location as well. Here is a brief list of things to look for. If you find them, remove them, just to make sure that they won't cause any problems down the road. Once they are gone, put the new distrubtion into place.

    • MT_HOME/mt-notifier.cgi
    • MT_HOME/extlib/everitz/
    • MT_HOME/extlib/jayseae/
    • MT_HOME/php/plugins/function.MTNotifierCatID.php
    • MT_HOME/plugins/Notifier/
    • MT_HOME/plugins/
    • MT_HOME/tmpl/cms/notification.tmpl
    • MT_HOME/tmpl/cms/notifier.tmpl

These are leftovers from places that the plugin used to be installed. To insure that you get a clean installation, you should also completely remove the entire Notifier directory, and simply re-upload it. This way you will be sure that all the files are being replaced with the new versions. With each release, many files may be changed, and this method makes sure you get all of them updated, so this is highly suggested. Otherwise you might end up with pieces that are not updated.

That's it. Really. Everything else will take care of itself - just as long as you have the correct pieces in the correct place, you're good to go. The objects will create the tables in the database and all of the columns will update their data automatically.

Time to Upgrade MT-Notifier

Once you install the plugin, you will be prompted with a screen similar to this one. It's important to note that - even if you aren't upgrading data - you may see a screen similar to this one. That's okay. There is some housekeeping to attend to, and it's just letting you know what is happening. Once you click the button, you'll need to sign in, and when it's done it will let you know (it will only take a few seconds).

Versions of MT-Notifier prior to 4.0.4 have had some issues with the history file (and versions prior to 3.5.0 didn't have the fle at all). So you may want to read about how to Keep MT-Notifier from Sending Old Entry Notifications.

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