The award-winning MT-Notifier plugin for Movable Type significantly enhances the notification options you have available to you in your installation. As the oldest continuously-maintained notification plugin for Movable Type, MT-Notifier has earned a large following in the community, and each release provides ever-easier access to the inner workings of Movable Type.

While you will find notification options within Movable Type itself, they must be sent manually and can only notify you of new entries. Other notification plugins also exist, but they are far more limited than MT-Notifier. By extending the notification process to allow subscriptions on individual entries, across categories or even entire blogs, visitors to your site can effortlessly keep up with nearly anything you have to offer!

The newest release of MT-Notifier integrates more seamlessly than ever with the Movable Type interface. Control options using familiar plugin settings. Take advantage of itemset action menus in Movable Type to provide functions where you need them the most. Easily add and even update subscriptions while you are doing your regular work, without having to find the option buried in yet another menu.

And now, for the first time, a plugin also offers integrated search (including quick search!) functionality, allowing you to easily find - and even replace - data in your system by using the familiar search options that you already know in Movable Type. Search for email and IP addresses, filter on date range, and even edit subscriptions in place on the listing screen!

MT-Notifier Subscription Management

Starting with version 4.0.0, even the now-familiar user management interface has been completely overhauled, and offers you a compelling new interface to your subscription data. No longer built on the sometimes-flimsy Transformer architecture, the subscription management interface is written from the ground up to provide complete management at your fingertips.

Beginning with version 5.0.0, all of the templates are now stored in the database - the response template that is seen by users confirming subscription requests, the email templates sent for notifications, all of them! This not only means that you can use standard Movable Type template tags and that they are simpler than ever to maintain, but it makes doing so even easier for a network of sites, because these are global templates by default that you can then override for individual blogs as needed.

And in version 6.0.0, your subscriptions can work for authors too - not just blogs, categories and entries!

Important Note: The most recent version of MT-Notifier was most completely tested on Movable Type version 4.37. It may or may not work with anything less - and that includes prior versions of MT4! Additionally, while overall functionality should be fine on both Melody and MT5, you will likely encounter some compatibility issues, especially in the user interface integration. Please keep this in mind.


Starting with version 6.0.0, MT-Notifier is once again entirely open source for everyone - commerical, individual or nonprofit.


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but does NOT INCLUDE ANY WARRANTY; Without even the implied warranty of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

If you feel that this is not sufficient for your needs, then we can offer you a support contract or support on an hourly basis. Please contact us directly in order to work out the specifics of any such support arrangement.

Terms of Use

The copyright to MT-Notifier belongs to Everitz Consulting. Downloading of the software indicates your understanding of these terms and the support structure above. No other guarantee or warranty is implied or should be inferred.


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