• Change license to Artistic

You read that right.

Effective immediately, MT-Notifier has returned to its roots, and there is only a single, open source version of the plugin. Additionally, this means that the features only available to the licensed plugin are now available to everyone.

- Author subscriptions
- Search (and replace) subscriptions
- Templates can be stored in the database

Happy new year!


  • Add newline to mt-notifier-queue.cgi
  • Update Plugin.pm with comment and entry checking code
  • Update template capitalization


  • Added ability to store templates in database
  • Added template tag context to allow use of MT tags
  • Changed code to use standard MT loading of templates
  • Cleared out now-unused routines (load_email)
  • Corrected error with missing text on management interface
  • Updated database load routines to standardize coding
  • Updated translation file with recent changes


  • Corrected category code for sending all comment notifications.
  • Corrected ordering of permissions for widget installation.
  • Fixed template tag name in widget.


  • Added bypass setting for skipping old notifications to new subscribers.
  • Added checking of record count to queue sent message.
  • Added include/header.tmpl to plugin.
  • Changed subscription sort date to modified (from created).
  • Cleaned up carriage return/line feeds in plugin files.
  • Cleaned up code by removing unused callbacks.
  • Cleaned up history writing routines.
  • Converted Notifier->instance to MT->component.
  • Converted Notifier.pl to config.yaml.
  • Corrected problem with queue limit not working.
  • Corrected widget method names to be more consistent.
  • Moved subscription verification to CommentScript (from AdminScript).
  • Moved content from App.pm to Plugin.pm.
  • Updated translation file strings.
  • Updated object file definitions.


  • Reorganized Perl "require" statements to ensure calling order.
  • Updated language file with correct string for template.

Licensed users of MT-Notifier v4 can re-download from your unique download link to obtain the updated version.

As mentioned previously, you may need to update your URL to get to the download if you are having problems.

This release fixes the problem you may have encountered with an undefined subroutine. Requests were processed, but you would have received an error.

Also, anyone who has created translation files for MT-Notifier may have had an issue with one of the email strings. That has now been corrected as well.

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