MT-Notifier 5.0.0

  • Added ability to store templates in database
  • Added template tag context to allow use of MT tags
  • Changed code to use standard MT loading of templates
  • Cleared out now-unused routines (load_email)
  • Corrected error with missing text on management interface
  • Updated database load routines to standardize coding
  • Updated translation file with recent changes

This release marks another departure for MT-Notifier. While version 4.3.0 made the plugin available as open source on Github, there was little practical difference in the versions. Now there is.

First, the main feature of version 5.0.0: Templates that parse MT template tags, that are stored in the database. This means you can use any contextual tags (entry-related tags in an entry notification, for example) in your notifications. System tags - those that don't require context - should also be available. That should make things simpler for everyone - even the open source users.

However, for licensed users, the templates are actually stored in the database. This has two distinct advantages. The first is that they are editable through the MT interface. Just go to the global templates screen to edit, as you would with any other template. The second is that you can use those global templates as a default and create individual blog templates to override the global templates. This should make those of you happy who have been looking for blog-specific templates to really customize things.

This will work for notifications (body and subjects can be edited in this way) and the response template (what you see when confirming a request). Thanks to Byrne for the kick that got me started down this path. I didn't quite use his code, but I definitely used his inspiration.

Once again, the open source version (available on Github) does not provide the ability to store templates in the database. You can, however, use Movable Type template tags in your templates (they are stored on disk, as they have always been). Because of this, you don't have the same ability to provide per-blog customization. You could do something in the template with nested if statements, which you could have done all along, but it's going to be a lot more complex.

Also, the open source version doesn't have the integrated management interface or search. If you want to check these out, you'll need to license the software. All subscription-based options are still there. If you want to try the open source software, links to the tar and zip-based downloads are available on the downloads page.

If you were using any MT-Notifier based template tags, or had customized your templates, you'll want to review them prior to upgrading. This change required doing away with most of those old tags to switch over to the MT-style of doing things. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The benefit should be worth it.

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