MT-Notifier 4.3.0

  • Added bypass setting for skipping old notifications to new subscribers.
  • Added checking of record count to queue sent message.
  • Added include/header.tmpl to plugin.
  • Changed subscription sort date to modified (from created).
  • Cleaned up carriage return/line feeds in plugin files.
  • Cleaned up code by removing unused callbacks.
  • Cleaned up history writing routines.
  • Converted Notifier->instance to MT->component.
  • Converted to config.yaml.
  • Corrected problem with queue limit not working.
  • Corrected widget method names to be more consistent.
  • Moved subscription verification to CommentScript (from AdminScript).
  • Moved content from to
  • Updated translation file strings.
  • Updated object file definitions.

As mentioned previously, you may need to update your URL to get to the download if you are having problems.

This release makes the switch from a Perl-style ( plugin file to a YAML-style (config.yaml) one, so you really should wipe out the entire Notifier before uploading, rather than replacing, to make sure you don't get two versions mixed (back up first, though!).

Also, this release marks a departure for MT-Notifier. Or perhaps a return.

For the first time in quite a while, the plugin is now available as free software. The free version of the plugin provides standard subscription options, which allows you basic notification functionality on your site.

In order to gain the full power of MT-Notifier, you may want to consider licensing the plugin, which provides a management interface and integrated search options, but now the decisions is yours.

Licensed users of MT-Notifier v4 can re-download from your unique download link to obtain the updated version.

Want to try MT-Notifier before you commit? Check out the download section. Everything is included except the integrated admin interface and the ability to search for subscriptions.

Interested in helping out? Take a look at the project on Github where you can grab a copy or create your own fork (Open Source version only, sorry!).

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