MT-Notifier 4.2.2

  • Added blog id to loading of record data to ensure consistency.
  • Added check for duplicate emails being sent to the same address.
  • Added more template information for plugin data.
  • Enhanced request.tmpl with footer include to ease customization.
  • Standardized on using routines for version information and moved to
  • Updated logic for naming conventions.

Licensed users of MT-Notifier v4 can re-download from your unique download link to obtain the updated version.

As mentioned previously, you may need to update your URL to get to the download if you are having problems.

One notable improvement in this release is dealing with category subscriptions. Users who use them may have found that subscribers would receive multiple emails sent out if an entry belonged to more than one category. This should alleviate the problem.

Just one note - because each category subscription is its own, canceling that notification will cancel only that one. It's an effect of the way that the plugin works. Keep that in mind.

Also included are some minor improvements with loading data from the database, which should help with data consistency, and also tweaks to the templating to help with customization - specifically the inclusion of a footer module.

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