MT-Notifier 4.2.1

  • Added check for blog_id to search_api table.
  • Fixed problem with base_url correctly reading.
  • Removed extraneous permissions from list actions.
  • Standardized history write routine in history module.
  • Updated write_history_records routine.

Licensed users of MT-Notifier v4 can re-download from your unique download link to obtain the updated version.

The base URL setting, as described in the installation instructions, helps alleviate errors in notifications. Except when it doesn't. Or didn't. This release addresses many errors found in the base URL, but make sure you check to be sure it is set correctly, especially if you use confirmation messages.

Failure to do so may result in errors and notifications that are not sent. If you have problems, the first place to look is your activity log. Lots of information there.

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