MT-Notifier 3.5.0

  • Fix missing confirmation message in template.
  • Fix plugin path for installations using relative URLs.
  • Fix problem with itemset actions on Notification list.
  • Fix problem with sender address in some instances.
  • Fix queued message content type (thanks Gregory!)
  • Fix warning messages (thanks Gregory - again!)
  • Add audit fields to tables.
  • Add history table to better handle duplicates.
  • Add integrated admin interface.
  • Add internationalization throughout plugin.
  • Add junk filter to subscription request on incoming comments.
  • Add junk filter to confirmation email as well.
  • Add plugin icon (thanks Jesse!).
  • Add schema version.
  • Add upgrade functions in separate module.
  • Update copyright dates.
  • Update plugin bootstrap path.
  • Update subroutine names to eliminate conflicts with MT
  • Remove superfluous code.

Licensed users of MT-Notifier can re-download from your unique download link to obtain the updated version.

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