MT-Notifier 2.3.3

  • Fixed problem with sending duplicate entry notifications.
  • Created parameter to send all entries or only new ones.

I've released MT-Notifier version 2.3.3.

This version fixes the problem with sending multiple email notifications to those subscribed to entry notifications. Please note that the default behavior has not changed. Let me repeat: If you do not change a setting, your installation may send multiple notifications on the same entry. This is by design.

One reason for sending multiple notifications on the same entry is so that if you update an existing entry it will notify your subscribers. Some people may want this functionality, so it is still available - and in fact is the default behavior. If you do not want this to happen, but instead only want to send one notification per entry no matter what, you are able to choose that option.

Simply go into the Configure option in the management interface. You will see a new selection to Send Updated Entries. The default behavior is to Send Any Changed Entries, and this option means that your system may send multiple notifications per entry. You can change this to Only Send New Entries, and your system will only send a single notification per entry.

This value can be specified for individual blogs and categories, so if you generally don't want to send more than one you can turn it off site-wide, then turn it back on for an individual blog or category. To do this, use the Manage option in addition to the Configure option.

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