MT-Notifier 2.3.0

  • Added entry notifications, including configuration options.
  • Cleaned up code, fixed some minor bugs.

I quietly released MT-Notifier version 2.3.0 about a month ago.

This version of MT-Notifier supports entry notifications as well as comment notifications. The changes are pretty much self-explanatory in the management interface. Simply choose the option you would like for your entire installation, an individual blog or a category, and users will be able to sign up accordingly.

If there is no notification type set on a particular level (for instance, a category), the system will look for the next level where it is set - the blog and then the entire installation in this example. So you can set the entire installation to send entry notifications only, and then override that setting for a single category.

Entry notifications are sent any time an entry is saved when set to publish. This means if you save an entry and then edit it three more times to get all your spelling correct, you will end up sending four notifications on this entry. This behavior is by design, but may seem confusing at first.

Comment notifications should not be affected at all by this upgrade. If you would like to see more enhancements to MT-Notifier (or any other plugins), please let me know - there may be further feature ransoms still to come. Until that time, you're free to donate to the cause.

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