MT-Notifier 2.2.4

  • Updated manage_address login to handle $mail/$code as well as $akey.

I've released another small update to MT-Notifier.

This release will handle the case where you specify an invalid code when trying to login using the akey parameter, and then try to correct that parameter on the same screen and resubmit. Previously, this wouldn't work. Now it does.

When would you use this? If you tried to login to the user management screen to see what sort of subscriptions you had, but for some reason the code used was incorrect. This could happen in rare instances where your email client interprets the ending character (typically a period) as an end-of-sentence rather than a part of the code.

If you tried to manually add the period, it wouldn't be accepted. Now that will work correctly. I'm still working on a way for the other part to not be an issue, but as it seems to be an issue with certain email clients and the way that they interpret the content of the email itself, this may be a while in coming.

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