MT-Notifier 2.2.3

  • Corrected module_magic for MT 3.1.

I've made another small change to MT-Notifier, and released another update.

Specifically, the auto-update feature would work with Movable Type 3.1, but it wouldn't look nice because of some new indenting in that area of

This release fixes this, so that it looks like the MT-Notifier code belongs there.

Incidentally, this will mean that it doesn't look right with prior versions of Movable Type (ie, 3.0D). If you're concerned, download version 2.2.2 of the code instead and use that.

If you already have version 2.2.2, feel free to keep it, especially if you don't care about how the code looks within the module. It's a pretty goofy reason to update, but if these things bug you, you've got a way out.

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