MT-Notifier 2.2.2

  • Re-fixed change made in version 2.2.0.
I've updated MT-Notifier to include a change that apparently was lost earlier.

There was a subscription method used outside of the management interface (introduced in MT-Notifier 2.2.0) that apparently was lost somewhere along the way, probably in the follow-up release that was supposed to correct other issues. This has now been (re-)fixed.

This change fixes the problem with stand-alone subscription forms not working, meaning that they should work correctly at this point. To my knowledge, everything else is working okay at this point, but keep those reports coming if you find anything is not working.

As is evidenced by this series of events, it's not out of the realm of possibility for me to screw something up (badly). Sorry for any difficulty this led to on your installations.

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