MT-Notifier 2.2.1

  • Repackaged with directory structure.

I've released a small update to MT-Notifier.

First, I'm not sure if the 2.2.0 release ever really took.

I think it did, and I believe that the file was distributed correctly, but apparently I never updated version numbers or documentation or anything, so I'm not certain. I also updated the directory structure in the distribution file.

This way the files will be in directories where they need to live when you unpack the archive. You still have to move them to your server (perhaps one at a time, depending on your FTP client), but this should help folks understand where everything goes.

If the version you have seems to work, and you don't need anything else, don't worry about this distribution. If it doesn't seem to work, you want a new version number and/or you can't figure out how to install everything get it to see if it helps you at all.

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