MT-Notifier 2.2.0

  • Fixed subscription routine outside of management interface.

Thanks to wibbler for pointing out a problem with one of the subscription methods of MT-Notifier. I've fixed the code so that this method of subscribing will work now.

The updated code has been released, and there should be no further problems with this. If you happen to run into anything, please let me know so that I can get right on the problem and try to fix it. Thanks.

In the meantime, keep those bug reports coming, on this or any other issue. My test environment is somewhat limited, and I can only keep improving the code through your feedback. The more responses that I get, the better it will become through your testing and information about what is working (and, likely, what isn't). Also let me know about any features that you'd like to see in upcoming releases of the software. I try and keep those things in mind while I'm in there.

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