MT-Notifier 2.0.1

  • Re-designed/cleaned up user interface.
  • Fixed redirects when login required.
  • Updated interface to MT 3-style design.
  • Updated data access to use subroutines.
  • Updated purge interface with more options.
  • Updated hack-o-matic to process subscribe.
  • Added category subscriptions and opt-out records.
  • Added translation hooks for most text strings.
  • Added admin and user management interface.
  • Added enabler sub for configuration.
  • Added conversion from MT-Notifier version 1.x.
  • Added skip first message to commenter.
  • Standardized error messages.

I've finally finished up with MT-Notifier version 2 (technically, 2.0.1). There aren't a whole lot of changes on the surface, but it should be faster and it has been upgraded to work with the Movable Type 3.0D interface. I've greatly enhanced the management functions for both administrators and users. I've also pulled the email notification out into a template, for those of you who want to muck with it but don't like changing the code.

This release includes an upgrade facility from v1.4.0 subscriptions. Other than the shiny new interface, the most noticeable difference will come in the subscriptions themselves.

MT-Notifier now supports subscriptions to an entire category and to an entire blog (corresponding opt-out records are available). That way you can provide email notifications to those who want to keep up, but not necessarily on a particular entry. All opt-out records are honored - so if you are subscribed to an entry, but have an opt-out for the category to which the entry belongs, you won't receive that notification.

The other major changes are under-the-hood. The infrastructure has been updated so that data access is modular - this means if there are additional data storage formats that are requested, they can be added (relatively) easily. The structure is there. I haven't actually done any adding yet. This means that Plugindata (and therefore Storable) are still required at the moment. But that should change in the reasonably near future.

I've tested things pretty thoroughly, but as always, if you run into problems please let me know.

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