MT-Notifier 1.1.0

  • Added redirect information on confirmation screen.
  • Added additional author information to notification email.
  • Use entry author first, then $SENDER.

I've added some redirect information to the confirmation screen that will allow the user to go directly to the entry or the blog that was used in the subscription. I decided to use this rather than a referrer field, as it was a bit easier. Please let me know what you think.

I also added some extra information to the notification email, so you can see the name of the author of the comment (and their URL, if specified). To do this, I flipped some things around a bit, so your notifications will look slightly different than they did with version 1.0.0.

I modified the plugin to pull the "from" name from the author of the entry that is being commented on. If this author has no email value in their profile, MT-Notifier will use the value in $SENDER, so make sure that is set appropriately.

In order to upgrade from version 1.0.0, just replace your files with those in the archive and make sure that you set your $SENDER value in to your default "from" address.

Ideas: Let me know if you have any suggestions for enhancements to the plugin. I've got a couple of ideas already, here they are for your enjoyment (and so I don't forget them):

- Move the $SENDER out of the script to make upgrades easier.

- Multiple $SENDER values, to allow different defaults for different blogs.

- User management page for people to manage their subscriptions.

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