MT-Moderate 1.1.0

  • Update to address Windows path issue.

After extensive testing, and some excellent help along the way, I think we've licked the problems under Windows servers. The problem has to do with the way that Movable Type handles the path when processing plugins. MT-Moderate and some other plugins use a new technique known as a plugin envelope to make using the plugin a bit easier. Everything is installed in one location - typically a subdirectory of the plugins directory.

The problem is that Windows servers supply the path as a Windows path - something like C:\MT. Then regular expressions like those used in MT interpret the \M as a special character, which blows up the plugin. It will often still work, but it will cause error messages at the very least.

With version 1.1.0, you can place the code files for MT-Moderate in one of two places. Either in the plugin directory, which will make things easier going forward, or you can place part of the code into the extlib (which is where it has previously resided). The code in MT-Moderate will adjust for this accordingly.

The end result is that MT-Moderate 1.1.0 ought to work equally well under all systems.

One downside is that a lot of potential solutions were tried prior to settling on this method, so there are some old files left from prior installs. You should pay extra close attention to the steps in the documentation (in the archive) and make sure you remove all of these old files, to minimize any potential for conflicts.

Update: Yes, I've updated things already. Mostly the CSS in the list_ping.tmpl file - I had the styles defined inline for ease of getting it done, and Boris subtly reminded me that it should be done differently.

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