• Completely rewritten to use native functions.

I've just updated MT-ModCheck to a new version. There aren't any huge improvements to the code itself, but the interface has been completely rewritten in this release, so that it is now completely integrated with the Movable Type interface - no more separate files to worry about, everything can be done from within the comfortable confines of Movable Type.


  • Correct spacing on error message.


  • Fixed standalone mode processing.


  • Repacked with directory structure intact.


  • Updated interface of standalone mode for MT 3.0D.

I've completed the update to MT-ModCheck so that standalone mode will integrate with the Movable Type 3.0D interface.

This is really the only change, so if you're still using a 2.6x version of Movable Type, there is no reason to upgrade.


  • Added standalone processing method.

I've updated MT-ModCheck to include an additional method of processing. If you are currently using MT-ModCheck, like the way it works, and don't want or need to change that method, then you do not need this upgrade. The only thing that is new is another option for getting at the same function.

In MT-ModCheck v1.1, you can access data through the traditional Plugin Mode, or you can use the new Standalone Mode.

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