Have you ever tried to install a plugin on your Movable Type-powered site, only to not have it work, and be left wondering if a required Perl module is installed? Wonder no more. With MT-ModCheck, you can easily run a simple query right from the Movable Type administrative interface to determine if the module is installed, and often you will even be told what version is running!

MT-ModCheck Settings

Easily accessible from either the blog- or system-level plugin settings screen, you can pull up the check module interface, which allows you to easily specify the name of the Perl module that you would like to search for, right in the Movable Type interface.

MT-ModCheck Settings

Once you have specified your module, simply click the GO button, and your results are returned instantly. If you'd like to check for the existence of another module, repeate as necessary!


MT-ModCheck Licensing

MT-ModCheck is free software. Use it as you wish.


Every reasonable attempt will be made to provide support as time permits, but please keep in mind what you paid for the software in the first place.

Terms of Use

The copyright to MT-ModCheck belongs to Everitz Consulting, and the software may not be redistributed without express permission from the copyright holder.


Download MT-ModCheck

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