The MT-FeedBurner plugin for Movable Type was created to allow blog owners to easily link their feeds with the FeedBurner service

While the interface to FeedBurner has always been easy to use, making the connection to a feed in Movable Type has not been as easy as it could have been.

The TypePad model for linking to FeedBurner works very well, and this plugin is based on that, which should make it dead simple for any Movable Type blog owner who wishes to use the power of FeedBurner to expand the reach of their feeds.

Right from the template listing screen, you can click the Burn a Feed link, allowing you easy access to FeedBurner from Movable Type, without having to log into FeedBurner at all.

Of course, you may very well want to access your account at FeedBurner to personalize your feed, and get all sorts of other goodies, but for the simple burning of a feed, there is nothing quite like MT-FeedBurner!

Once you open the plugin and sign into your account, an easy-to-use listing pops up, shows you the available feeds, and then you can select one or even create a new feed, right from that display.

All that's needed is to sign up for a FeedBurner account, download the plugin, install it on your Movable Type blog, and you can burn your feeds in no time at all.


MT-FeedBurner Licensing

MT-FeedBurner is free software. Use it as you wish.


Every reasonable attempt will be made to provide support as time permits, but please keep in mind what you paid for the software in the first place.

Terms of Use

MT-FeedBurner is free, but it is copyrighted by Everitz Consulting, and may not be redistributed without express permission from the copyright holder.

Special Thanks

The software is based loosely on code that is originally provided by TypePad, a product of Six Apart, and may include some code from there, included with their permission..


Download MT-FeedBurner

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