• Fixed problem with encryption of approval beacon.
  • Updated templates to make compatible with MT 4.2x.

This version is compatible/needed/tested only with MT 4.2x. Users of MT 3.3x should not upgrade. After installing this upgrade, rebuild all templates that include the Approval Beacon to rebuild the beacon properly. If you don't use the beacon, or don't use MT 4.2x, this upgrade is not necessary.


  • Fixed problems with creation of JavaScript template.
  • Fixed problem with saving of template names.
  • Updated all translation strings throughout plugin.
  • Updated code to make compatible with MT 3.3x.


  • Added encryption option for Approval beacon.


  • Fixed subroutine names - some throttles weren't being called.


  • Added additional template tags for forms.
  • Added beacon and challenge/response filters.
  • Added discard option for all filter values.
  • Fixed problem with default values for template names.


  • Fixed callback registration.
  • Fixed field names and text in settings.
  • Fixed field names for JavaScript.
  • Fixed save date template tag.
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