MT-Approval 0.1.6

  • Update to include logging on throttle activites

Sorry for the rapid releases, but someone (who shall remain nameless at this time) keeps asking for features. Luckily for this person, the features requested are not only useful, but they are fairly small, easily added and should have fairly broad appeal. So without further ado, here is version 0.1.6, also known as Satyanarayan, of MT-Approval.

This version adds a logging function to the plugin, which will insert a simple one-line entry in your activity log that will tell you the results of processing a comment with MT-Approval. This entry will tell you if the comment was permitted or denied, as well as the name of the person leaving the comment (from the comment submission itself), in case you'd like to try and track down that person.

For example:

  Comment by Arvind permitted with verified hash.

Or perhaps (in the case of a disallowed comment):

  Comment by Arvind throttled with hash mismatch.

Disclaimer: This is an announcement of a work of software, and the names and places used herein should not be confused with, associated to or regarded as any actual person or place, past or present, living or deceased, real or fictional. Any such similarities can surely be attributed to your imagination and should promptly be dismissed because there could not be any possibility of such a thing happening here. Move along.


I installed your plugin, but now I get "Comment by TEST NAME throttled with hash mismatch." for everything. Also, firefox now blocks the comment window popup...

What version of MT are you using? What sort of template are you using (ie, with MTCommentFields or without)? MT-Approval shoudln't have anything to do with the Firefox blocking of popups. It only adds a field to the form, it doesn't change the content-type or path or anything.

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