Time Introduces The Ag

Media giant Time has launched their latest volley into the world of cyberspace with The Ag, which they are describing as "a concise summary of the day’s most important news stories" on a variety of topics, starting with Celeb-u-Gossip, Iraq, National, Politics and World news. Why should you care? Well, maybe you don't. That's up to you. But there's plenty for everyone, so take a look. More is on the way.

However, I wanted to let you know because I was involved with the folks from Time in launching The Ag, the latest of their blogs, and it may be the most visible effort yet, but that's probably not all that you're going to see. Keep watching.

Everitz Consulting has helped Time launch a number of products in addition to The Ag, including Real Clear Politics and The Allen Report on Movable Type, The Daily Dish and Global Health Update on TypePad and Quotes of the Day, the White House Photo Blog and a redesigned Search Result interface.

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