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At Everitz Consulting, our speciality is working with the Movable Type and TypePad content management systems, and we'd love to have the opportunity to show you what we can do.

In addition to installation and upgrade services for Movable Type, we have developed numerous plugins for the software and we even have extensive experience customizing and extending the platform itself, if plugins don't do it for you.

If you are looking for a hosted solution, we can help you get your site up and going on TypePad, whether this is your first time and you are using the basic templates or need some help switching to advanced templates and all the power that the system has to offer.

Regardless, our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction. We will not pick up and leave the instant that the current project is complete, nor will we leave you in a lurch wondering what is happening while your deadline approaches.

If you are interested in developing a relationship rather than just writing another contract, we look forward to working for you.

A New Approach to Fighting Spam

Drew asks if MT-Approval has been updated to work with MT5 - specifically version 5.14, but since version 5.2 was jjust released, you may be wondering about that as well.

Unfortunately, I have no idea. The most recent version of MT-Approval was written and released nearly four years ago, so my guess would be no. But that doesn't mean you can't make use of the techniques within the plugin to put together a very decent solution to fight spam on your site.

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Adventures with Joomla!

One of my longtime customers, Craig Reid, recently inquired if I could help with an issue his parents were having on their site, and I said I'd be happy to help. The only problem? It was with Joomla! - a platform that I rarely use. Still, I wanted to help if I could. So off we went.

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MT-Notifier defined (%hash) is deprecated error?

Alert (and long-time) MT-Notifier user Scott Yoshinaga - yes, from nemu*nemu - mentioned an error that he had been seeing when trying to execute the queue script for MT-Notifier.

The specific error he was getting, I believe with Movable Type 4.38, was:

6/7/12 6:20:49.831 AM com.mt-notifier-queue: defined(%hash) is deprecated at /opt/local/apache2/cgi-bin/mt/extlib/Locale/Maketext.pm line 404.
6/7/12 6:20:49.831 AM com.mt-notifier-queue: (Maybe you should just omit the defined()?)

Unfortunately it is not specific to MT-Notifier (or the queue), but it is a problem that seems to have a fairly simple fix.

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Site Notification Issues

Recently I noticed some site notification issues popping up. This appears to be from two sources. One is from some WordPress sites hosted on the same account. Apparently they were compromised some time ago and I had never noticed.

This is due to the base64_decode hack that was (apparently) fixed some time ago. If you run self-hosted WordPress, make sure you update your installations - or get someone to do it for you. Let me know if you need help. This isn't hard to fix, but it can be tedious.

The other issue is apparently a PHP vulnerability, recently fixed by Pair. The combination led to an explosion of the earlier exploit. I'm taking care of the files, and hopefully if you've been visiting and seeing the warning pages pop up, you shouldn't see them for long. Sorry for the problems.

MT-Notifier 6.0.0

  • Change license to Artistic

You read that right.

Effective immediately, MT-Notifier has returned to its roots, and there is only a single, open source version of the plugin. Additionally, this means that the features only available to the licensed plugin are now available to everyone.

- Author subscriptions
- Search (and replace) subscriptions
- Templates can be stored in the database

Happy new year!

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MT-Notifier 5.0.1

  • Add newline to mt-notifier-queue.cgi
  • Update Plugin.pm with comment and entry checking code
  • Update template capitalization
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